Hi! I'm Lauren, owner & artist of Loti Henna Studio.

I've always had a creative side (with way too many hobbies/interests) & knew I'd be some version of a 'starving artist' when I grew up. I was first introduced to henna when I was younger as I found henna kits at the craft store. While that wasn't necessarily the best henna out there, I instantly had a connection to it and loved the idea of temporary art. Jump quite a few years down the line and I was at the moment in my life where I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with it. I decided to take a chance on starting my own business with henna - I applied to a few art festivals at first and then a couple years later, that hobby/side gig turned into a full time business.

I've recently opened a studio in the Village of Hamburg, NY. It's been quite the adventure this year but I truly love being able to adorn my clientele with temporary art ❤