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This is a basic FAQ section - see individual Henna & Jagua FAQ pages for more info!



Henna is a temporary dye made from ground up leaves of a tropical shrub, known as Lawsonia Inermis. All our henna paste is mixed fresh in house with high quality pure henna powder, water, sugar & a few essential oils.


Black henna is henna that has a chemical additive, known as p-paraphenylenediamine (PPD). This added chemical will create a black stain but sometimes at an added cost. While the dark stain might be appealing, your skin just may peel as well. Since this chemical is not meant to be applied to the skin (currently illegal for skin application in the US) it may create blisters and eventually permanent scars. If you are interested in a safe way to create a darker stain, jagua will be a better option.


Jagua is similar to henna where it is derived from a natural product, applied to the skin and then will produce a navy colored stain. Jagua gel is created from mixing the juice of the Genipa Americana fruit, xanthan gum and lavandula angustifolia oil. Once applied, it will take 30 minutes (sometimes up to an hour) to fully dry. Keep gel on 2-4 hours then remove by washing with a luke warm soapy water. It isn't advisable to have jagua if you are allergic to tropical fruits.


White henna, or what is known as white henna, really isn't henna at all. While it is applied in the same manner and the same designs as traditional henna, it is made with body paints and liquid adhesives. So it won't actually stain your skin like henna but designs can last up to a week.